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Guruji.Venkatesan is one of the famous Nadi astrologers in Madurai, Nadi astrology, a profound branch of Hindu astrology predominantly practiced in the vicinity of the Vaitheeswaran temple, is often referred to by the temple's name, known as Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi astrology or Nadi Jothidam in the vernacular. It occupies a unique space within the scientific domain, as it harnesses Extra Sensory Perceptions to foresee the destinies of individuals.

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Kandam 1

General Report

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Kandam 2

Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

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Siblings Nadi Horoscope

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Kandam 4

Mother Influence, Possessions

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Kandam 6

Disease, Debt and Enemies

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Kandam 7

Marriage Life

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Kandam 8

Life Span

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Kandam 9

Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

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Business and professional life

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Kandam 11

Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

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Kandam 12

Expenses, Prospects of Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

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